White Knight

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One of our favourite stories with a happy ending:.

We received a call that a koala was trapped under a fence, he had been crying all night and the owners thought it was a dog in the street and were horrified to find him there the next morning. He was a big handsome young male who was very lucky the property owners on both sides of the fence did not have dogs

Upon arrival we found him caught tight by his head with his shoulders preventing him from being able to be pulled out from behind. We tried to cover his head to reduce his stress but he was moving his head around so much that it was impossible to keep him covered, this made it all the more urgent we got him out asap. We unsucessfully tried to dig the dirt away from around hoping to enable more room to remove him but due the post being concreted in this was impossible.

We then decided that the fence palings had to come down but were very aware that this could also cause him neck injuries . We managed to carefully remove two of the palings but were still unable to slide him along and free him. As the third paling was stuck fast, our new trainee scaled the 6 foot high fence and with her huge military boots kicked down the paling whereupon I was able to slide him out and get him in the cage quickly but not without him being terrified and making a grab at me.

White Knight then spent about 10 days under observation after receiving X-rays to rule out any neck injuries at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, luckily receiving no injuries, he was then able to be released back into his home range.