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Katie and Tassie to ‘kindy”

Katie and Tassie have entered a new stage in their lives. Both girls were taken to the wildlife hospital for a checkup and after they were given the all clear they are now in the rainforest, which is the koala “kindy”. Here they will have a few friends and will learn to live without their human mum. When they are doing well, next step will be the plantation where they will learn to climb real trees and get all the muscle power they need before they will return to the wild.

Both girls had a complete health check at the hospital. Dr Claude took an X-ray, checked their blood and they got a microchip and an eartag – of course all under full anaesthetic. Katie was cooperative but a bit apprehensive, where as Tassie was the wild girl as she is and put up a bit of a fight.

After they made a full recovery they were released into the rainforest. Tassie took off to the highest point, while Katie first settled down in the leaf but then followed Tassie. They now have 3 little friends and so far they are doing really well.

At home Twinky is now stripped of his harem and he and Galaxy are enjoying a bit more time with “mum” until they too will be weaned and ready to go to kindy.

For more information on how these girls came into care, please refer to posts “Meet Katie” and “Meet Tassie and Galaxy”

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peggy and david edwards November 20, 2014

Lovely story. Wonderful work by MBKR and the Hospital

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