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Meet Jandamarra and Little Eddie

While a few of the bigger boys and girls have now moved on to the plantation, we had room for more koala kids.

Jandamarra, whose name came from a great Aboriginal warrior of the Bunuba people, was found without a mother. Although he thought he was a big boy, he would still need milk and a bit of TLC from mum. He is a very inquisitive boy and always takes the lead when the fresh leaf arrives. But when his human mum enters with a bottle of milk, he forgets the rest. After his belly is full of milk, he loves to just lay low.

Little Eddie’s mum was brought to the wildlife hospital with a very nasty condition and a few weeks later she passed away. Eddie also still needs milk and he turned out to be a perfect friend for Jandamarra. Together they will play and sometimes it’s pretty rough too!

Jandamarra and Eddie_0001_ Jan and Eddie boys being boys_ Little Eddie_0002_ Jandamarra feet up_0002_

Update April 2015

Both boys have now moved to the plantation where they will learn to navigate big trees and do some work-outs to strengthen their muscles. It’s amazing to see them chase each other and having a play-fight. The boys will definitely need all those skills for their future lives. They should be ready for release in another month or two.


Update June 2015

Jandamarra was released first. After a health check in the wildlife hospital he was given the all clear to go. X-ray, ultra sound, blood test, everything was perfect and with the body condition score of 8 we had no doubts he would do well. And at 100gr short of 4 kg he sure was ready to go. Hope you have a wonderful life and watch out for those big boy bullies!

Release Jandamarra_0007_ Release Jandamarra_0034_


















A week later it was Little Eddie’s time to go. He was also given a clean bill of health and we can now call him Big Ed, as he is just over 4 kg! He did very well in care and is now dehumanized and won’t come down to check out people. As we managed to get a translocation permit for Eddie, he is now in a beautiful area where he has over 500 acres to explore. Hopefully he will find the girl that was released here earlier this year and they can make beautiful and many babies!

Release Eddie_0008_ Release Eddie_0018_ Release Eddie_0022_


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Suzanne Peot January 26, 2015

I think it is just wonderful what you people do for the koalas at the Moreton Bay koala rescue. I know if I lived in Australia I would love to work there and care for the koalas.
That is why I am sending you a donation. I know it isn’t much but I hope it helps some.
God Bless you all and the koalas….

Sue Peot

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