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Meet Tillie and Billy Ray

Two new friends have arrived with our carer, Tillie and Billy Ray – both found without their mum but both too little to survive by themselves.

Although both of them are not pouch bound, they would still ride on mum’s back and depend on her for milk. They would be with their mothers for at least another 6 months.

Tillie cute_0004_

Tillie in leaf

Tillie cute_

Tillie is a very gentle boy from the western parts of our area. It took him a few days to settle in with all the girls, but soon they all used him as a pillow….. He definitely is a big cute cuddly “bear” and hopefully he will grow up to be a strong boy who knows what he wants when we return him back to his home range.


Billy Ray relaxed_0003_ Billy Ray hanging_ Billy Ray cute_0002_

Billy Ray is a cheeky little girl that came from the tracking project for the Moreton Bay Rail Link. She likes to do her own thing and is not too social with the others. Billy Ray loves the fresh leaf and she secured herself the best spot to feed when the fresh leaf arrives late afternoon.


Update February 2015

After a few months of care, Tillie was taken to the wildlife hospital for a full health check. At 2.9 kg he was given the all clear and he will now be in the “boys kindy” for a few days before going into the plantation. This is an area with large trees where koalas can learn to be a koala, climb trees, eat leaf and interact with other koalas. They will hear lawn mowers, dogs, cars and other noises attributed to living in suburbia. Completely dehumanized Tillie will hopefully become ready for release in the “real” world soon.

Billy Ray is still with our carer. She is doing well, but a bit slower in her progress. It’s just like children, some mature quicker than others and we would like to give our koalas in care the very best. It is indeed a tough world out there and they deserve the best possible chance.


Update May 2015

Big day for Tillie as he was released. At 3.5 kg he was mature enough to go back where he came from. It was a beautiful day and after he got out of the carry cage he took his time to get up. But eventually he went all the way to the top of the tree, which was about 30 meters high! It’s a good thing that koalas don’t suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights)!

Release Tillie_0028_Release Tillie_0026_

Update June 2015

Billy Ray was released into the tracking project of the Moreton Bay Rail Link. She was taken to the Endeavour Vet Clinic and all tests were good. She was in a really good body condition (8 out of 10) and quite wild. Then she got a lot of “bling” – a tracking collar, an ankle tracker, a micro chip and an ear tag. Needless to say she wasn’t very impressed. Billy Ray was released in an off set area and will be tracked every day in the first week and three times weekly after that. In 45 days she will be caught again for another health check and new batteries for her collar. We’ll keep you updated!

Billy Ray health check_8_ Billy Ray health check_0007_ Release Billy Ray_0005_ Release Billy Ray_0010_

(Also please see “Billy Ray released into tracking project”)

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