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Billy Ray released into tracking project

The little girl that came into our care earlier this year has now been released. Billy Ray has been given the all clear from the vet at the Endeavour Vet Clinic, her weight 3.5 kg and a body condition score of 8/10. Well done girlie!

Billy Ray health check_0007_ Billy Ray health check_8_


The tests were all good and so she was ready for release, but not before Billy Ray got a lot of “bling” – a tracking collar around her neck, an ankle tracker, a micro chip and an ear tag. All for the good cause no doubt, but needless to say that Billy Ray herself was definitely not impressed! Flicking her ears and moving her head and leg for the first hour or so, but we know that she will get used to all this very soon.

Billy Ray was released in an off-set area with mature trees and a lot of new trees, that were recently planted. The trackers will follow her every day for the first week and three times per week after that.

Then in 45 days she will be caught again for another health check and changing the batteries of her equipment. We wish her all the best and hope she will get used to her jewellery and all the other sounds of her new environment. Keep an eye on the updates!

Release Billy Ray_0005_ Release Billy Ray_0010_


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