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Meet Enya

Enya cute

This little girl was safely sitting in her mum’s pouch when mum Jerry decided to cross a busy road. Unfortunately she got hit by a car and sustained horrific injuries to her head. As a consequence Jerry was euthanased and at only 182 grams little Enya needed critical care from an experienced carer. So she now lives in a humidicrib where the constant temperature is 34 degrees and humidity 60% and she needs a bottle every 2.5/3 hours. Luckily Enya decided that the milk she was getting is not too bad, so she readily takes the bottles of only 3 mls.

Enya feeding_0003 cropped_For the time being we can only hope that Enya has the will to live, because she will be in care for a very long period of time. Our carer can only do her best to make sure Enya is getting the best attention and lots of TLC. That will not be too hard, if you look at these pictures you will see that Enya is such a lovely little creature, and already reacting to our carer.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for little Enya!

Update July 2015

Enya is doing really well, she loves her bottle very much and is now taking 6-8 mls per feed and that is great for such a small girl. She is already gaining weight and is now nearly 300 gr. What a big achievement for her. She still sleeps in the humidicrib on the day, but at night she wants to explore her world and she is out and about in her basket. She loves to put her bottom out of the basket for a wee, which is lovely to see but generates a lot of washing!


Update September 2015

Enya is finally picking up. She had a course of antibotics after a nasty infection and doing much better as a result of that, she is actually starting to look like a koala. She is now 1 kg + and her fur is growing beautifully and she is devouring her fresh leaf in the afternoon. This little girl had such a rough start but we now have heaps of hope for her survival.

Enya lovely

Update November 2015

Enya is becoming a very pretty koala, luckily her good health stayed with her. She still loves her milk, but that will soon become less as she is always tucking into the fresh leaf every afternoon. Enya is now nearing the 2kg and is a bit of a naughty girl. She is teasing her mate Barambah to give up the spot on the top, then when Barambah gives in, Enya goes “never mind I didn’t want to sit there anyway”…..

Enya_0001_ Enya_0002_


Update January 2016

This stunning girl is now in the pre-release area, so she can learn to climb trees and even jump from branch to branch. She loves the leaf she finds herself and is not afraid to go to the highest tops of the trees to find the best tip.


Update February 2016

Enya is doing wonderfully well, she has grown into a beautiful young girl. Her health check was perfect with a good body condition score and no issues whatsoever. She now needs to go back to the area she came from, that way she can get used to the leaf from that area.


Update March 2016

Beautiful Enya grew up from a tiny little 182 gr joey into a beautiful koala girl of nearly 3.5 kg! She has done remarkably well and we can only be too happy to see her off into the wild. With her looks we are sure she will be popular with the boys and hopefully she can make lots of beautiful babies in her life time. Good luck beauty!

Enya in tree_0001_ Enya 0018_

Update June 2016

Every now and then Enya comes back to her release tree, a large swamp mahogany, to have a feed. So far she is doing very well and we can only hope that it stays that way!


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we are sorry about enya’s mum.

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