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Meet Sophie

This week brought the first little joey of the season into our care. Little Sophie was found sitting on a fence in Deception Bay, while her mum was high up in the tree. And although Sophie was calling out to her mum, she didn’t come down to get her. Sophie – who weighs less than 500 grams – got really upset and by dark it was obvious mum had no intention of checking on her little girl. Sophie was taken to the wildlife hospital where the vet made sure everything was fine, and so she ended up with one of our carers. For the next two days our rescuers went back to find mum, but apparently she had taken off and there was no possibility to re-unite them. We can now only hope Sophie will accept her human mum and she will grow up to be a beautiful girl.Sophie first in_0002_

Sophie first in_0005_


For the moment she is still very unsettled, and keeping her human mum awake with constant yepping as the poor wee thing misses her mum. We will never know why mum abandoned her, sometimes in the wild the mothers will do so if they know there is something wrong with the baby, or there might be something wrong with the mother. One good thing is that Sophie is already eating pap, so she is able to nibble on some leaf. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she will grow up to be a beautiful girl and can be released into the wild.

Update June 2015

Sophie is now sleeping most of the day, but from roughly 4 pm until 6 am she will have a bottle every 3-4 hours. She loves her milk, but also loves her leaf. Sophie will eat a lot of leaf overnight and is already getting into the uprights to get to the highest and therefore in her eyes the best leaves of the eucalyptus branches. Sophie on upright_0003_

Last week she was the star of an article in the Sunday Mail about koalas and the start of the breeding season and here you can see why.

Sophie Sunday Mail_0003_

Update September 2015

Sophie is doing well, she is a real little beauty. Nearly weaned from her bottles, she is getting more and more independent. Sophie is a little darling and still loves to get a cuddle from her human mum, but that will have to end very soon.

Sophie cute_0002 Sophie circus_0002_

Update November 2015

Sophie is now being a real koala, no more cuddles from mum and she will have to fend for herself in the large plantation enclosure. Here she can climb real trees and find the leaf she loves most. At 2.8 kg and an excellent body condition score we are confident she will do fine.

Sophie to Onsbos_0010_




Update January 2016

Sophie continues to gain weight and is doing well. She eats tons of leaf and shows no signs of stress or disease. As she was rescued from an area with lots of development and major tree clearing, we have applied for a translocation permit. Hopefully it will be granted, so we can release her more than 5 kms of where she came from, hopefully in some nice bush land where she will have a better chance for the future.



Update March 2016

Sophie is now nearly 3.5 kg and a good body condition score of 7.5 out of 10. The vets gave her a complete health check and gave her the all clear to go. Luckily we received a positive response to the translocation permit, so we can release Sophie in a nice area.


Update April 2016

It is time for her to go. When we opened the carry cage, she leaped out and confidently started to explore the tree. She had a good look around and looked at us as to say “can I stay here for the rest of my life?” Yes Sophie, you can stay here, find friends and hopefully be a mum some time in the future. Good luck girl……

Sophie release_0007_ Sophie release_0010_Sophie release_0001_

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Sophie Edmondson June 13, 2015

Sending little Sophie all our best wishes from England. I hope she makes it to the wild. Thank you Moreton Bay.

Sophie Edmondson June 13, 2015

Sending little Sophie all our best wishes from England. Hoping she makes it back to the wild. Thank you Moreton Bay.

Gill edmondson June 17, 2015

I am delighted for my Sophie that you have named your latest rescued Joey Sophie!! She is every bit as lovely as my Sophie!! I hope she does well. She is in very good hands .Thank you to all at Moreton Bay! Best wishes Sophie’s Grandma!

Class 2 Oulton First School July 7, 2015

UK Sophie has been bringing in photos and updates of Sophie the koala bear. All of us have been very interested in learning about Sophie and are very proud of UK Sophie’s communication skills and the fact she has had a bear named after her!!
Class 2, Oulton First School, England

admini July 8, 2015

Hi Class, we are also very proud of Sophie and all of you for your interest. Just one thing about koalas: they are not bears…. They look like little teddy bears and are definitely cute and cuddly, but they are marsupials, which is a word used for animals that raise their little ones in a pouch. The joeys stay in the pouch for approx 6 months before they become belly riders and back riders, which is all a process of growing up. Eventually they will say good bye to mum and find their own habitat.

Lee, Kirsty & Thomas July 12, 2015

Almost as sweet as the original UK Sophie!

Thiele, Elke July 20, 2015

What a lovely little koala! As the name means “wisdom”, I hope it is a good omen for her future life when she makes it back to the wild.

The same would be my wish for our UK Sophie but as she is such a clever girl I have no doubts about it. 🙂

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