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Statistics March 2015

In March 2015 we received a total of 32 calls (telephone, email and website)  for help with koalas and other wildlife.

This number included sightings 38 of koalas
MBKR koala admissions to Australian Wildlife Hospital were (6):


1 Car hits
5 Overt signs of disease

3 Euthanased
3 Still in care at AWH

Previous Months
Released from previous months (9):
Sarara R3027 (Sept), Alron L2256 (Jan), George L2882 (Sep), Galaxy R2054 (Oct),
Vince Noir L3068 (Jan), Niamh R2875 (Jan) Jukana L2869 (Jan), Callisto R2881 (Feb), Brenton L2894 (Feb)

Euthanased from previous months (2): Jemima (Oct), Razoo (Dec),

This Month
In care at AZWH (3): Blinkyrae (Blinky), Keisa R2537, Brodie,

Euthanased this month (3): Hollie R2965, Connie, Paulie (Lou) L2633,

The rescue teams drove a total of 2390 kms in March 2015 (including releases)

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