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Meet Barambah

Another little girl has come into care. Barambah was found sitting on her mum and desperately trying to wake her up. She didn’t understand that mum was hit by a car and died. Luckily some people found her and took her to the local vet. Then a lovely wildlife carer made the journey to the wildlife hospital, where Barambah got a medical assessment. Unfortunately we don’t know how long she was with her dead mum, and only time will tell if it has affected her in any way. For now Barambah seems to be OK and will be a friend for Sophie. They spend time getting to know each other and hopefully they will end up as friends having a good time and growing up to be beautiful koala girls.

Barambah_0002_ Barambah in leaf_

September 2015 update

Barambah is a happy little girl. She doesn’t seem to have any negative impacts from her early ordeal. She made friends with Enya and both girls like to cuddle up together.

Barambah eating_

November 2015 update

Barambah is still doing really well and living in the outside enclosure. She is now well over 2.5 kg and weaned from her milk. She likes to have a cuddle from her human mum, but it is time to wean her off that as well.Barambah_0001_ Barambah cute_


Update February 2016

Barambah is becoming a big girl, but ever so lovely still. She is having a good time in the pre-release enclosure, where she can climb real trees and make sure her muscles grow. She now needs to find her own leaf, but with all food trees in the enclosure that is no problem. She is gaining weight and showing no signs of stress or disease.


Update April 2016

The vets had a good look at Barambah and all tests were negative, so everybody is very happy and she received the all clear for release in the next few weeks.Barambah health check_0004 Barambah relaxed_0003

Barambah has grown into a beautiful young lady and we are sure she will make a lovely mum. We wish her all the best out there in the wild and hope to see her never again (and we mean that in the nicest possible way!)



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Karin Michielsen June 2, 2016

A message for Anika Lehmann, because Barambah is one of her little koalas. I saw her in the film “Die Retter der Koalas”.
Beste Anika,
Ik heb in de film gezien, hoe jij je honderd procent inzet voor de koala’s. Ik vind je engagement geweldig ! Je zorgt voor de baby-koala’s alsof het jouw kindjes zijn. De beelden waren soms echt ontroerend. Ik wens je nog veel succes en hoop, dat je nog veel koala’s kan redden. Ik volg de kleintjes op de site van MBKR. Succes ! Karin

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