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Meet Guillaume

This little boy was found sitting on a busy road in Lawnton. The caller said he had been “bumped” by a car and so our rescuers took him to the wildlife hospital. After a full assessment he was taken to a carer where he will stay until he is ready to go to pre-release.

Guillaume_0001_Guillaume (pronounced Ki-ohm and it’s French for William) is a quiet lovely little boy. But he will be the first to get to the fresh leaf in the afternoon. Recently he tried his voice….. as boys do. But it didn’t even sound like a bellow…. he needs to grow a bit more to make any impact with the girls 🙂










Guillaume did very well in care. He took his bottles, and just gained weight and more weight, and more, and more…..

In April 2016 he was released back into the wild, a bit further away from the busy road he was found on. By law they need to be released within 5 kms of where they are found, but with the developments and clearing of all the trees in the suburban areas, this is going to be harder and harder. Luckily for Guillaume there is still some nice bushland within that range, so we now hope he will stay there and finds his way.

Guillaume release_0019 Guillaume release_0035








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