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Rickie and Kiana

Rickie and Kiana were recently rescued by our dedicated rescuers and now in the hands of one of the carers.

Rickie and her mother Gwen were found in Strathpine, after they were hit by a car and as a consequence mum was euthanased. Little Ricky was only 800 gr when she got to our carer, but is doing very well. She is now over a kilo. Rickie loves her leaf and loves to explore her surroundings. She runs up and slides down her tree stand and jumps from side to side.

Kiana was found sitting at the base of a tree. Very flat, dehydrated, and some gas in his intestines. He was in a very bad way. He was taken to the wildlife hospital and given IV fluids. After a few days he picked up and is now in the capable hands of a carer. He is now  2.3kg and has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. He loves his leaf and gets very excited when his human mum place fresh leaf for him. He has now started to use his male voice. It will still be some weeks before he is due to go to koala kindy.



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