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Elstners Reisen – Die Retter der Koalas

Last year German based Docma TV approached us for a documentary about the plight of the koalas in Australia. Of course we welcomed this initiative and so Frank Elstner, Matthias Reinschmidt (both celebrities in Germany and Europe) together with the Docma team of Christian Ehrlich (producer) Anne Martens (sound) and Lars Swellnus (camera) arrived in August last year. After 3 weeks of filming – over a week here in SE Queensland – the team went back to Germany with over 30 hours of film, which needed to be edited to 90 minutes. This become a beautiful documentary of one and a half hour of Australian wildlife with the catching, treatment and release of koala Flossie as a leading story. But they also took the opportunity to film with Margit in Cairns with her tree kangaroos, the Tolga Bat hospital, turtle rescue, Tasmanian devils, and much much more. Even our “own” Toorbul kangaroos found a place in their story.

Sunday 3rd January the documentary went to air in Germany and again on Wednesday 6th January. The reactions are fantastic. Here’s the link. There is no translation into English (yet) so you will have to enjoy the pictures.


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Jörg Lenz January 7, 2016

Dear all,

Congratulations !!! This one of the best documentaries about Australia we have seen for a while. Very well researched and with an exciting coverage about MBKR.

Terrific footage which will be enjoyed by every Australia fan in Germany and there are many of them. We are providing some background info in our newsletter for the German speaking audience interested in Australia about MBKR and will refer to your website for additional information. Maybe you will find some more sponsors.

Seems as if the documentary will be available for one year online – so enough time for us to reference to your website etc.

While you might see the Toorbul kangaroos as nothing extraordinary for some overseas visitors a side trip to their place and – respectfully – watch them grazing is likely one of the highlights of their Australia tour as described also in

When doing some more research we came across this horrible story …

Hope this never happens again…

All the best to everyone of you and to the wildlife in Qld.

By the way: Any progress on securing that paddock of land you were intending to purchase?

You work as ambassadiors for Aussie wildlife cannot be ranked high enough. It’s the hope to see these creatures in the wild which many, many people from around the world drive to Australia. Especially for many German speakers its not the fun & adventure tourism at the Gold Coast, it’s those wildlife encounters.

A good idea would be some cross links where people are able to visit Wildlife Hospitals and can support them with their donation e g with a behind the Scences trip in your region. I understood that might be one of such touchpoints


Joerg Lenz

admini January 9, 2016

Thanks for your kind words. We can only do our very best and hope that the Australian Government will come to their senses before it is too late and the koala is on the list of animals that are extinct. We do know horrible stories happen, but we believe that good intentions will eventually prevail.

Karin Michielsen June 2, 2016

Dear koala-friends,
Recently I have seen “Die Retter der Koalas”. I found it a very interesting film and I have learned a lot about koalas and MBKR.
I’m very happy, that so many volunteers do one’s best for the koalas. One of them is Anika Lehmann. I saw how she looked after the young koalas like a real mother.
I wish the koalas will be always in Australia. Good luck with the foundation. How can I post a message for Anika ?
Regards Karin

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