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Meet Marcus

Marcus was found sitting on the ground, crying for his mum who was nowhere to be seen…. The poor little boy would surely have died at just 1 kg, but as it happens a wonderful caring person found him and called koala rescue. Marcus had conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the eyes which eventually can cause blindness. He didn’t see a lot to start with because his eyes were oozing with puss and he was just a lucky little man to be found.

Marcus bad eyes_ Marcus bit better_0006_


Update May 2016

Don’t we just love Chloramphenicol? This is an antibiotic preferred for this condition and after 28 days of injections, Marcus is looking so much better! He is now much happier and ready to go to the outside enclosure.

Marcus better eyes_0006_


Update June 2016

Marcus outside_0002_ Marcus outside_0004_Marcus is doing well outside, loves his leaf, but also still loves his bottles of milk. It’s a shame we don’t have a friend for him, because they usually do better when they have a friend to play with. Now our carer has the job of playing with him a bit more…..what an ordeal….. 🙂


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