For the Kids

For the Kids

The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time there were two MBKR rescuers named Kelly & Bec (Goldilocks). They went for a walk in the (bush) forest. Pretty soon, they came upon a stump of a tree.

They knocked and, when no one answered, they walked right in.  This time there was no porridge or chairs or beds for Goldilocks to use. They found 3 little koala bears who had nowhere to go to.

“Someone’s been cutting down our tree,” said Papa Bear.

“Someone’s been cutting down the next door tree,” said Mama Bear.

“Someone’s been cutting down all the trees and we have nowhere to live,” cried Baby Bear.

Normally MBKR finds a place to release the bears within 5 kms of the place of rescue, as the law requires, but this time Goldilocks asked DERM (Department of Environment & Resource Management)  for a Translocation permit for the three little bears and it was granted.

So we are happy to give them a good chance for the future, as we were able to release them in a beautiful environment away from the bulldozers and people.

We truly feel they are three very lucky little (koalas) bears!

The End.



Koalas are often called  “koala bears”  because of their strong resemblance to bears. This is not correct.
Koalas are not bears, they are marsupials.   The closest relative of the koala is a wombat


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