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Meet Marcus

Marcus better eyes_0006_Marcus was found sitting on the ground, crying for his mum who was nowhere to be seen. The poor little boy would surely have died at just 1 kg, but as it happens a wonderful caring person found him and called koala rescue. Marcus had conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the eyes which eventually can cause blindness. He didn’t see a lot to start with because his eyes were oozing with puss and he was just a lucky little man to be found. continue

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Elstners Reisen – Die Retter der Koalas

Last year German based Docma TV approached us for a documentary about the plight of the koalas in Australia. Of course we welcomed this initiative and so Frank Elstner, Matthias Reinschmidt (both celebrities in Germany and Europe) together with the Docma team of Christian Ehrlich (producer) Anne Martens (sound) and Lars Swellnus (camera) arrived in August last year. After 3 weeks of filming – over a week here in SE Queensland – the team went back to Germany with over 30 hours of film, which needed to be edited to 90 minutes. This become a beautiful documentary of one and a half hour of Australian wildlife with the catching, treatment and release of koala Flossie as a leading story. But they also took the opportunity to film with Margit in Cairns with her tree kangaroos, the Tolga Bat hospital, turtle rescue, Tasmanian devils, and much much more. Even our “own” Toorbul kangaroos found a place in their story. continue

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Rickie and Kiana

Rickie and Kiana were recently rescued by our dedicated rescuers and now in the hands of one of the carers.

Rickie and her mother Gwen were found in Strathpine, after they were hit by a car and as a consequence mum was euthanased. Little Ricky was only 800 gr when she got to our carer, but is doing very well. She is now over a kilo. Rickie loves her leaf and loves to explore her surroundings. She runs up and slides down her tree stand and jumps from side to side. continue

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Meet Guillaume

Guillaume_0001_This little boy was found sitting on a busy road in Lawnton. The caller said he had been “bumped” by a car and so our rescuers took him to the wildlife hospital. After a full assessment he was taken to a carer where he will stay until he is ready to go to pre-release. continue

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Meet Barambah

Another little girl has come into care. Barambah was found sitting on her mum and desperately trying to wake her up. She didn’t understand that mum was hit by a car and died. Luckily some people found her and took her to the local vet. Then a lovely wildlife carer made the journey to the wildlife hospital, where Barambah got a medical assessment. Unfortunately we don’t know how long she was with her dead mum, and only time will tell if it has affected her in any way. For now Barambah seems to be OK and will be a friend for Sophie. They spend time getting to know each other and hopefully they will end up as friends having a good time and growing up to be beautiful koala girls.

Barambah_0002_ Barambah in leaf_

September 2015 update

Barambah is a happy little girl. She doesn’t seem to have any negative impacts from her early ordeal. She made friends with Enya and both girls like to cuddle up together.

Barambah eating_

November 2015 update

Barambah is still doing really well and living in the outside enclosure. She is now well over 2.5 kg and weaned from her milk. She likes to have a cuddle from her human mum, but it is time to wean her off that as well.Barambah_0001_ Barambah cute_


Update February 2016

Barambah is becoming a big girl, but ever so lovely still. She is having a good time in the pre-release enclosure, where she can climb real trees and make sure her muscles grow. She now needs to find her own leaf, but with all food trees in the enclosure that is no problem. She is gaining weight and showing no signs of stress or disease.


Update April 2016

The vets had a good look at Barambah and all tests were negative, so everybody is very happy and she received the all clear for release in the next few weeks.Barambah health check_0004 Barambah relaxed_0003

Barambah has grown into a beautiful young lady and we are sure she will make a lovely mum. We wish her all the best out there in the wild and hope to see her never again (and we mean that in the nicest possible way!)



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Meet Enya

Enya cute

This little girl was safely sitting in her mum’s pouch when mum Jerry decided to cross a busy road. Unfortunately she got hit by a car and sustained horrific injuries to her head. As a consequence Jerry was euthanased and at only 182 grams little Enya needed critical care from an experienced carer. So she now lives in a humidicrib where the constant temperature is 34 degrees and humidity 60% and she needs a bottle every 2.5/3 hours. Luckily Enya decided that the milk she was getting is not too bad, so she readily takes the bottles of only 3 mls.

Enya feeding_0003 cropped_For the time being we can only hope that Enya has the will to live, because she will be in care for a very long period of time. Our carer can only do her best to make sure Enya is getting the best attention and lots of TLC. That will not be too hard, if you look at these pictures you will see that Enya is such a lovely little creature, and already reacting to our carer.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for little Enya!

Update July 2015

Enya is doing really well, she loves her bottle very much and is now taking 6-8 mls per feed and that is great for such a small girl. She is already gaining weight and is now nearly 300 gr. What a big achievement for her. She still sleeps in the humidicrib on the day, but at night she wants to explore her world and she is out and about in her basket. She loves to put her bottom out of the basket for a wee, which is lovely to see but generates a lot of washing!


Update September 2015

Enya is finally picking up. She had a course of antibotics after a nasty infection and doing much better as a result of that, she is actually starting to look like a koala. She is now 1 kg + and her fur is growing beautifully and she is devouring her fresh leaf in the afternoon. This little girl had such a rough start but we now have heaps of hope for her survival.

Enya lovely

Update November 2015

Enya is becoming a very pretty koala, luckily her good health stayed with her. She still loves her milk, but that will soon become less as she is always tucking into the fresh leaf every afternoon. Enya is now nearing the 2kg and is a bit of a naughty girl. She is teasing her mate Barambah to give up the spot on the top, then when Barambah gives in, Enya goes “never mind I didn’t want to sit there anyway”…..

Enya_0001_ Enya_0002_


Update January 2016

This stunning girl is now in the pre-release area, so she can learn to climb trees and even jump from branch to branch. She loves the leaf she finds herself and is not afraid to go to the highest tops of the trees to find the best tip.


Update February 2016

Enya is doing wonderfully well, she has grown into a beautiful young girl. Her health check was perfect with a good body condition score and no issues whatsoever. She now needs to go back to the area she came from, that way she can get used to the leaf from that area.


Update March 2016

Beautiful Enya grew up from a tiny little 182 gr joey into a beautiful koala girl of nearly 3.5 kg! She has done remarkably well and we can only be too happy to see her off into the wild. With her looks we are sure she will be popular with the boys and hopefully she can make lots of beautiful babies in her life time. Good luck beauty!

Enya in tree_0001_ Enya 0018_

Update June 2016

Every now and then Enya comes back to her release tree, a large swamp mahogany, to have a feed. So far she is doing very well and we can only hope that it stays that way!


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Billy Ray released into tracking project

The little girl that came into our care earlier this year has now been released. Billy Ray has been given the all clear from the vet at the Endeavour Vet Clinic, her weight 3.5 kg and a body condition score of 8/10. Well done girlie!

Billy Ray health check_0007_ Billy Ray health check_8_


The tests were all good and so she was ready for release, but not before Billy Ray got a lot of “bling” – a tracking collar around her neck, an ankle tracker, a micro chip and an ear tag. All for the good cause no doubt, but needless to say that Billy Ray herself was definitely not impressed! Flicking her ears and moving her head and leg for the first hour or so, but we know that she will get used to all this very soon.

Billy Ray was released in an off-set area with mature trees and a lot of new trees, that were recently planted. The trackers will follow her every day for the first week and three times per week after that.

Then in 45 days she will be caught again for another health check and changing the batteries of her equipment. We wish her all the best and hope she will get used to her jewellery and all the other sounds of her new environment. Keep an eye on the updates!

Release Billy Ray_0005_ Release Billy Ray_0010_


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Free workshops on 18th July 2015

We are conducting a free Induction Workshop about the basics of koala rescue. Even if you decide this is not for you, you could become an ambulance driver and take sick and injured koalas to the wildlife hospital.

If you would like to know more about koalas and meet our great team, please register for this event.  If you are interested, please fill out the rescuers application form on the home page and email it to us at

Saturday 18th July 2015
at CREEC – 150 Rowley Rd, Burpengary
From 1.30pm -3.30pm (following Koala Chlamydia Info Session at 10am)

If you need more info you can always call Jenny 0433 755 716 or Anika 0401 685 483

Also on Saturday 18th at 10 am at CREEC Koala Action is organizing an information session with Prof Peter Timms about the koala chlamydia vaccine trial. For more information and to register for the morning session, please contact Wanda Grabowski on 0407101837.


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Meet Sophie

This week brought the first little joey of the season into our care. Little Sophie was found sitting on a fence in Deception Bay, while her mum was high up in the tree. And although Sophie was calling out to her mum, she didn’t come down to get her. Sophie – who weighs less than 500 grams – got really upset and by dark it was obvious mum had no intention of checking on her little girl. Sophie was taken to the wildlife hospital where the vet made sure everything was fine, and so she ended up with one of our carers. For the next two days our rescuers went back to find mum, but apparently she had taken off and there was no possibility to re-unite them. We can now only hope Sophie will accept her human mum and she will grow up to be a beautiful girl.Sophie first in_0002_

Sophie first in_0005_


For the moment she is still very unsettled, and keeping her human mum awake with constant yepping as the poor wee thing misses her mum. We will never know why mum abandoned her, sometimes in the wild the mothers will do so if they know there is something wrong with the baby, or there might be something wrong with the mother. One good thing is that Sophie is already eating pap, so she is able to nibble on some leaf. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that she will grow up to be a beautiful girl and can be released into the wild.

Update June 2015

Sophie is now sleeping most of the day, but from roughly 4 pm until 6 am she will have a bottle every 3-4 hours. She loves her milk, but also loves her leaf. Sophie will eat a lot of leaf overnight and is already getting into the uprights to get to the highest and therefore in her eyes the best leaves of the eucalyptus branches. Sophie on upright_0003_

Last week she was the star of an article in the Sunday Mail about koalas and the start of the breeding season and here you can see why.

Sophie Sunday Mail_0003_

Update September 2015

Sophie is doing well, she is a real little beauty. Nearly weaned from her bottles, she is getting more and more independent. Sophie is a little darling and still loves to get a cuddle from her human mum, but that will have to end very soon.

Sophie cute_0002 Sophie circus_0002_

Update November 2015

Sophie is now being a real koala, no more cuddles from mum and she will have to fend for herself in the large plantation enclosure. Here she can climb real trees and find the leaf she loves most. At 2.8 kg and an excellent body condition score we are confident she will do fine.

Sophie to Onsbos_0010_




Update January 2016

Sophie continues to gain weight and is doing well. She eats tons of leaf and shows no signs of stress or disease. As she was rescued from an area with lots of development and major tree clearing, we have applied for a translocation permit. Hopefully it will be granted, so we can release her more than 5 kms of where she came from, hopefully in some nice bush land where she will have a better chance for the future.



Update March 2016

Sophie is now nearly 3.5 kg and a good body condition score of 7.5 out of 10. The vets gave her a complete health check and gave her the all clear to go. Luckily we received a positive response to the translocation permit, so we can release Sophie in a nice area.


Update April 2016

It is time for her to go. When we opened the carry cage, she leaped out and confidently started to explore the tree. She had a good look around and looked at us as to say “can I stay here for the rest of my life?” Yes Sophie, you can stay here, find friends and hopefully be a mum some time in the future. Good luck girl……

Sophie release_0007_ Sophie release_0010_Sophie release_0001_

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Statistics April 2015

In April 2015 we received a total of 34 calls (telephone, email and website) for help with koalas and other wildlife.

This number included sightings 35 of koalas
MBKR koala admissions to Australian Wildlife Hospital were (11):


1 Car hit
9 Overt signs of disease
1 Orphan

6 Euthanased
5 Still in care at AWH

Previous Months
Released from previous months (3):
Mojo L2230 (Nov), Patrice L2865 (Feb), Crusader L2862 (Feb)

Euthanased from previous months (1): Brodie L2294 (Mar)

Species Management (2): Peachester (Nov) gone to Hamilton Island,
Juanita R3620 (Dec) gone to Darling Downs Zoo

This Month
In care at AZWH (5): Freya, Nick (Nickky), Ridgie, Matari L2277, Marlee

Euthanased this month (6): Lauren, Carol, Baylee, Pepper, Karra, Langley (Cotton)

The rescue teams drove a total of 2437 kms in April 2015 (including releases)

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